How is Human Brain influenced by the brain and Neuro transmitters??

Neuroanatomy is the study of the parts and functinos of the neurons.


Neurons are individual nerve cells that are specialezed to conduct electrochemical impulses called nerve impulses or action protential.

Neurons create neurotransmitters. It receives information and sends it through the axon.

Neurons do not actually touch each other even though they are very colse.


The axon is what send out the neurotransmitters away from the cell body or soma.
Our entire body is made up of a system of nerve cells.

The axon relases all the neurotransmitters at once. It is all or nothing.


Dendrite are cells that receive neurotransmitters. This is where information is receive stimulation from other neural cells to the cell body or the soma.  Electrical stimulation is transmitted unto dendrites by upstream neurons via synapse, which are located at various points trhouhgout the dendrite arbor.


The cell body.

Myelin Sheath

Insulates the axon and keep sth electricity from being dissipated through the distance it has to travel.

Damage to the myelin sheath disrupts signals between the brain and other parts of the body.


Microscopic distance between the end of the the axon and the end of the dendrites. 

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